RTA furniture manufacturers are familiar with the challenge of creating effective assembly guides. Text-or even image-based instructions often turn out to be too long, complex, and overwhelming for buyers. This often results in failed furniture assemblies, leading to high return rates, customer support overloads, and negative reviews.

Furthermore, many potential buyers are deterred from purchasing RTA furniture in general, fearing they might not assemble it correctly. At CGIFurniture, experts in product 3D rendering services know about these struggles all too well. Luckily, they also have a solution for product manufacturers.

Shift towards video assembly guides

It is a well-thought-out video assembly guide that has the potential to address and alleviate the issues listed above. According to surveys, a significant 83% of consumers have a preference for video assembly instructions over traditional manuals. They report that the sequential steps showcased in videos are more transparent and easy to follow compared to other formats.

High costs and effort of traditional video production

Despite the benefits, crafting a decent furniture assembly video might cost a pretty penny and require a lot of effort. The process comprises meticulous planning, renting a studio and props, taking care of logistics, hiring a videographer and actors, making sure the latter follow each step of the assembly process accurately, and so on. Though the result might be worth it, the whole endeavor is still quite burdensome for manufacturers.

3D animation: a game-changing tool for assembly instructions

For furniture manufacturers looking to create a top-tier video assembly guide without investing too much effort, 3D animation is a great alternative. It allows brands to get concise, engaging, and easily understandable assembly videos. And what sets them apart from traditional video guides is that they are made 100% digitally, taking the burden of organizing a video shooting off the manufacturer’s shoulders. No more studio, videographer, actors, or props needed. All the manufacturer has to do is find a professional product rendering studio, fill out a brief for assembly animation, and leave the rest to 3D artists.

3D Assembly Animation for Porvata from CGI Furniture on Vimeo.

Cost-effectiveness of furniture assembly animations

It is worth mentioning that advanced real-time rendering tools, such as Unreal Engine and Vantage, make furniture assembly animations a very budget-friendly solution. This holds true when compared to both the creation of photorealistic 3D animations without real-time rendering software and traditional video production.

Elevating customer experience and brand image

All in all, when it comes to RTA furniture assembly, 3D animation brings to the table an unmatched level of clarity and precision. It's not just about providing instructions; it's about giving users an experience that's intuitive, easy, and, above all, satisfying. That is why a quality product assembly animation enhances customer loyalty and retention. It amplifies trust, boosting the manufacturer's reputation in the crowded market.

Entertainment Center Assembly 3D Animation from CGI Furniture on Vimeo.