CARPET imports rose at their fastest pace so far this year in August, as higher prices brought about by the weakness of sterling failed to unstitch demand.

Shipments totalled £52.7 million during the month, a rise of 14 percent on August 2015, according to HMRC’s latest dataset compiled by The Furnishing Report.

Woven carpet imports were up 16 percent to £9.2 million, with tufted carpet rising 14 percent to £43.5 million, bringing the year-to-date rise to 5.6 percent to £75.2 million for woven carpet and 4.7 percent to £363.2 million for tufted.

August saw Dutch carpet shipments rise 11 percent to £15.3 million with Belgian goods up 6.3 percent to £16.1 million. Chinese made carpets were up 11 percent to £3.8 million and Indian-made items up 6.4 percent to £4.2 million.