fogartyPillowsDunelm said yesterday it was acquiring the rights to the Fogarty filled bedding brand. So where did that leave the £33m Lincolnshire manufacturer, its management and staff?

Today, the picture is a little clearer.

Dunelm has confirmed to The Furnishing Report that it is the brand and trademarks, as opposed to the trading company itself, that has been acquired by the retailer.

The structure of the Fogarty business has Fogarty Holdings Ltd owning all shares in two subsidiaries: Fogarty (Contracts) Ltd and Fogarty (Filled Products) Ltd.

Dunelm has acquired the holding company, but not Fogarty (Filled Products) Limited, which remains in the ownership of the Boston based management team.

Under a 15-year licensing agreement, Dunelm has granted to a company controlled by the existing Fogarty management team—understood to be Fogarty (Filled Products)—the sole licence to manufacture and distribute Fogarty products within the UK & Ireland.

It has also granted a non-exclusive licence to manufacture and distribute Fogarty products in other agreed foreign territories, each subject to royalty payments.

We approached Fogarty for comment yesterday and were invited to email sales director Julia Livett. As of 8am this morning (Friday 9th October) we hadn’t heard back. If we subsequently do, we will either update or publish more.

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