The Carpet Foundation is to simplify and focus its marketing message on its retail membership alone moving forward.

The decision—endorsed by its UK manufacturing backers—will result in a ‘single, unified’ message: Buy from a Carpet Foundation retailer, which will signpost its retail members as the people to buy carpet from. Until now, its manufacturing members had also been co-promoted.

Carpet Foundation chief executive Andrew Stanbridge said it had been working with independent retailers to promote them as ‘the carpet experts’ and ‘people to go to’ since 2004.

“Going forward, and with the full blessing of our manufacturers, we will be ramping up this message and focussing entirely on our retailers, while maintaining manufacturer support.

“The reality is that for the last five or six years, we have had to balance that message with trying to give the manufacturers ‘a bang for their buck’. In marketing speak, we have been saying ‘buy a CF manufacturer carpet from a CF retailer,’ which is a bit of a mouthful and a bit of a challenge.”

He added that he hoped this subtle, but important change would further enhance its benefit to retailers and should increase their confidence in the Carpet Foundation.

A number of new initiatives—including a redesign of its website—are planned to reflect its renewed focus.