Carpetright founder Lord Harris—an Arsenal FC director for the past decade—will be aware how combustible its AGMs can be, with disgruntled fan shareholders using the forum to air their grievances.

He will have heard criticisms of the club’s prudent spending policy and how its manager Arsene Wenger has refused to invest heavily in new players. He may even have heard rumbles of discontent regarding its death-by-a-thousand-cuts tipi-tapi [sic] playing style on the pitch.

Such criticisms could certainly not be levelled at the Harris family business.

Martin Harris—Lord Harris’ son, a former Carpetright executive in his own right, and founder of the fast-expanding Tapi Carpets & Floors retail chain—appears to prefer a more direct approach.

With 12 stores opened since May, and many more scheduled for the weeks ahead, no-one could accuse Tapi of adopting a slow and patient build-up from the back.

In football parlance, Tapi is getting it in the mixer.

The graphic below shows the locations of its 12 stores already open, and the next tranche of eight that will do so in the weeks ahead.


Another eight Tapi Carpets & Floors stores will bring the total trading across the United Kingdom to 20, as we reported last week (see related).

Its first in Wales and another in Scotland—its third—along with another half a dozen in the South and Midlands means Tapi can, just five months since its May launch, justifiably claim to be a national retailer.

Understandably, there are gaps, with the North of England completely bare. Drive up the motorway from its Cannock showroom, and you won’t hit another one till you arrive in Scotland.

Perhaps therein lies the answer to where it goes next. Like Arsenal, if Tapi wants to win, it will have to conquer the North West.

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