High-end sofa maker George Smith says sales have jumped sharply in 2015 after a fall in international revenues impacted profits last year.

The company—which manufactures from Cramlington in the North East as well as operating showrooms in London—saw its pre-tax deficit widen to £548,910 (2013: £38,298) in the year to end December.

George Smith said the fall in performance was primarily the result of the decrease in sales made by its US showrooms, and the knock-on impact on its factory turnover.

Total revenue for 2014 declined 3.3 per cent to £6.1m, but the company added that sales had turned around since, rising by more than 12 per cent in the first eight months of 2015.

George Smith said it invested heavily in both machinery and personnel to improve the financial performance of its factory in 2014. It said it believed this would pay off with capacity and efficiency improvements in the mid-term, but may impact earnings again this year.