Investors are backing a plan to expand production of Kebony, a sustainable alternative to tropical hardwoods whose applications include furniture and floorcoverings.

Kebony has secured NOK 177.5m, about £14m, which it plans to use to build a second factory and its first on the European mainland. Its first—in Norway—is reaching capacity owing to rising demand.

The Oslo based company is to construct its second factory in Belgium which it hopes will be operational by 2017.

Three quarters of the funds to build the second plant have been secured from investors including Norwegian Government backed Investinor and Flemish investment company PMV NV. The remainder is coming from loans.

Kebony technology is a patented process that enhances the properties of non-durable wood species to give them similar characteristics to the best performing woods.

Wood species such as pines and some non-durable hardwoods are impregnated with a bio-based liquid derived from agricultural crop waste and—with the addition of heat—the furfuryl polymer is permanently grafted into the wood cell wall, resulting in greatly improved durability and dimensional stability.

It is suitable for internal and external applications demanding high performance and great aesthetics including decking, flooring, cladding, roofing, windows, as well as indoor and outdoor furniture. Brooks Bros Timber is its UK distributor.