monoqiHome furnishings, design and lifestyle retailer Monoqi has acquired assets belonging to MyDeco, the heavily backed UK based Internet venture.

Berlin based Monoqi operates short term flash sales via its ecommerce website, and has recently set up its UK domain to sell additionally to British customers.

Its deal for MyDeco assets — believed to have been first reported yesterday by the technology website Techcrunch.com — will help the German ecommerce firm scale up its UK business.

MyDeco was launched as an aggregator of furniture products in partnership with British furniture and department store retailers, before it later reverted its model to that of a more conventional online retailer.

Its website was switched off early last year, with the domain reverting to MADE — which shared investors and a chairman in common — while some of MyDeco’s technology was sold to a Dutch startup.

MyDeco.com now goes directly to a Monoqi owned domain, while the deal also reportedly includes customer and supplier databases and mailing lists. Monoqi has also been heavily backed by the investment community, while its largest shareholder is Condé Nast, the magazine publisher that owns brands including VOGUE, GLAMOUR, GQ, and Architectural Digest.