Worldwide profits at IKEA were flat despite rising sales across many of the markets in which it operates, the retailer said.

Year to end August earnings totalled €3.3bn, up 0.4 per cent on the prior year. IKEA said it had contributed €200m to a staff loyalty scheme as well as recording a €98m charge for a bonus scheme, both of which held profits back.

Sales — already disclosed in a managed release of financial information — were up 5.9 per cent in local currencies and 3.7 per cent on a same-store basis. Revenue totalled €28.7bn.

In the UK, IKEA earlier this month lodged details of a new mortgage — secured against its Warrington site — through lender Nordea Bank. Further details were not disclosed.

UK accounts for the year to end August are due by the end of May, though are habitually filed early spring.