ukFurnitureManufacturingUK furniture production grew for a fourth successive year in 2014 but remained short of record pre-recession levels racked up in 2007.

Demand from home and abroad helped UK furniture production turnover hit £7.68bn in the year to end December, up £861.2m — or 12.6 per cent — on the year immediately prior.

It is the highest annual figure recorded by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) since 2008, when the total was £7.91bn. 2007 was even higher at £8.21bn.

The figures are from the ONS’ Turnover and Orders in Production and Service Industries data series, and are thought to interpret furniture in the widest sense and across all markets.*

Furniture destined for domestic use in the UK totalled £7.1bn in 2014, a rise of 12.4 per cent on the 2013 total and a third successive annual increase.

Export production was up 16 per cent to £578.7m — which is a fourth leap in a row and thought to be a record high. The previous highest was £530.2m back in 2008.

* Where possible, the Furnishing Report’s coverage of official statistics strips out some of the data we deem non-core to our audience. Examples include car seats and certain components