Gainsborough Beds has open a second showroom with a permanent space in the Harrington Mills complex in Long Eaton.

The Wiltshire based manufacturer hopes the showroom will expedite the pace at which retail customers in the North get to view new product.

"For many years we have had a showroom at our headquarters, but have been conscious that it is not the ideal location for many retailers, particularly those who are further north,” said sales director Andy Richards.

He added: “With retail space under pressure it is very difficult to ask our customers to take a leap of faith; they need to see it and touch it. Retailers' time is always stretched so anything that gets the product closer to them is going to be a real advantage."

Harrington Mills — also home to a number of other furniture suppliers’ showrooms — has become a cornerstone of the Long Point exhibition series held twice a year in the East Midlands town. Gainsborough taking a space at the venue means it will debut at the first of the two events this spring.

The ground floor studio will eventually be shared with fellow Airsprung group businesses Cavendish and Collins and Hayes, both of which will also be in place by Spring Long Point.