Britain's advertising watchdog has rebuked Oak Furniture Land for a TV advert, saying the representative APR was not given enough prominence.


It follows TV adverts for living and bedroom furniture which aired last November, promoting products available through the retailer's credit offer.

The detail and prominence of the representative interest in the advert was inadequate according to a complainant.

Despite a lengthy and detailed defence, JB Global, the company behind the cabinet furniture retail fascia, was told by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) that a complaint regarding the promotion was being upheld.

The complainant was an advertising agency, almost certainly acting at the behest of an unspecified Oak Furniture Land rival.

It was one of two complaints the ad agency made, the other being about the term 'representative' not being included in the roundels that appeared onscreen during the ads. That complaint was thrown out by the ASA.

The full detail regarding the case is here.