Sofa imports fell more than a fifth at the beginning of the second quarter as the value of goods shipped in from China declined for a fourth month straight.


Imports of sofas and sofabeds dropped 22 percent to £52.7 million in April, according to new HMRC data compiled by The Furnishing Report.

The total was the lowest for a single month since August, historically the quietest month of the year for containers of upholstery arriving at UK docks.

The April drop — driven by a 38 percent collapse in the amount arriving from China — means year-to-date upholstery imports are down 7.8 percent compared with the first four months of 2017.

While Italian sofa imports are down 7.0 percent so far this year, the drop-off in China-made goods has been more than twice that amount, falling 15 percent to £105.6 million.