Mattress imports continued to rise in double-digit percentages at the start of the second quarter despite a fall in the amount shipped across from China.


Foam and sprung mattress imports were up 15 percent to £9.7 million in April according to HMRC data compiled by The Furnishing Report.

Chinese imports fell 23 percent to £1.45 million year-on-year, though still remain 23 percent higher over the course of the first four months of 2018.

April's increase was driven by source nations closer to home, chiefly Denmark — up by a quarter to £2.2 million — and Ireland, which near doubled monthly imports to £1.2 million.

Poland, the biggest overseas source of mattresses sold in the UK, sent £2.6 million of goods to Britain in April, up 18 percent on April 2017.

Even that represented a slowdown. January to April Polish mattress imports are up 36 percent compared with the first four months of 2017.