Nearly 700 consumers who paid deposits for Fabb Sofas products will by tomorrow get a full refund according to PwC, appointed administrator of the company last month.

Deposits totalling £396,274 were ring-fenced after decision makers at the Doncaster headquartered retailer learned — in May — that future funding for the operation would be no longer available, prompting an accelerated sales process that yielded interest from eight parties but no bids.

The company had 4,300 orders in progress at the date of PwC's appointment on June 7, the advisory firm said in a report to creditors. These orders were not fulfilled though PwC agreed with six unnamed suppliers to be able to contact consumers directly to see if they wished to progress an order.

Consumers whose deposits were not ring-fenced rank as unsecured creditors, and have been urged to try and recover funds from card providers or finance companies.

Fabb Sofas' statement of affairs indicates consumer creditors were owed nearly £1.8 million.

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