Executives of a West Yorkshire bed outfit have launched a fresh trademark application of their own, following an earlier unsuccessful bid to quash a rival's mark.


United Business Plus, a company controlled and run by some of the directors of Platinum Enterprise (UK), have applied to register the trademark 'Sareer — Aero Gravity' along with the below figurative mark.

aeroGravityUnited Business Plus licenses the group's trademarks to other co-owned and run operations such as Platinum Enterprise.

Last month, Platinum Enterprise lost an appeal to a November 2017 decision that had ruled in favour of the Highgate Beds group regarding ownership of the Zero Gravity trademark by Matza & Co, a Highgate company.

That had followed a two-year legal argument stemming back to 2016 when Platinum, known for its Bodyease brand, objected to the Zero Gravity trademark, first registered by Matza & Co back in 2012.

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