2017 accounts for Alstons — which we reported last Friday night — also give up some detail regarding the DM Midlands group of sofa companies, namely Ashley Manor, Alexander & James and AMX Design.


That's because parent company, Thailand's TCM Corporation, had already disclosed full year 2017 revenue across its entire British upholstery interests, or the TCM Living business as it refers to it.

It had said sales across Alstons and DM Midlands totalled 4.65 billion Thai Baht in 2017, which worked out at just over £105 million in sterling at the dateline the numbers were released.

Colchester based Alstons' accounts helped crystallise their element of that at £29.7 million, a sterling increase of 4.0 percent (see related).

This suggests DM Midlands will be responsible for the remaining £75 million when UK accounts are filed, dependant again on currency exchange and timing.

Pro-rata, DM Midlands group revenue totalled about £74 million in 2016, based on reported sales of £55.6 million for the nine months to end December 2016. It changed its year-end during the period, meaning direct comps are not and likely will not be available.

We do, however, now know the size of 2017 profits at individual level for each of the DM Midlands business units.

Ashley Manor made £459,415 (2016: £1m), AMX Design £1.77 million (2016: £1.79m) and Alexander and James booked profits of £444,069 (2016: £353,678*).

All of the 2016 figures in brackets above are for nine month periods owing to the year-end switch.

TCM's UK sofa interests also achieved growth in the early part of 2018, according to a Q1 filing with the Thailand Stock Exchange earlier this spring.

It said Alstons/DM Midlands combined sales totalled 1.11 billion Thai Baht (£25.4m) in the first three months of this year, up 9.3 percent against Q1 2017.

Half-year numbers, which should be available shortly, will reveal if it maintained that in the second three months of 2018.

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* Alexander and James didn't disclose profits in 2016 but the figure can be estimated from balance sheet data