Kiddicare's website closed last Thursday night
Dunelm, which earlier this summer said it would retire the Kiddicare.com website in the first part of next year, has brought the plan forward by six months.


The Kiddicare.com website is no longer operational with some of its product lines moving across to the retail group's principal website at Dunelm.com

The move came into effect on the morning of Friday, July 27 and was signposted to online customers in the days immediately prior (see above), along with explanatory notes saying orders would not be adversely affected.

Kiddicare sells nursery furniture, bedding, travel, feeding equipment and toys with its product line now being sold by Dunelm online under its main brand and in selected Dunelm stores.

When Dunelm acquired Kiddicare as part of its WorldStores takeover in 2016, it also acquired the brand's Peterborough retail store, its only consumer-facing physical property.

This store will also close, but not until next year.