The UK is one of just three international markets for Wayfair
Year-on-year international sales jumped more than £90 million for Wayfair in the second quarter as the ecommerce retailer took market share amid weak trading conditions.


International sales — comprised wholly of revenue from Canada, the UK and Germany — climbed 94 percent to $243.9 million (£187.6m) in the second quarter of 2018.

Half-year sales for Wayfair outside the U.S, its home market, are up 95 percent to $446.6 million (£343.5m).

The company doesn't yet break out international sales by market though CEO and co-founder Niraj Shah did reveal that the "UK has a nice customer base still in the rapidly growing stage."

Canada and the UK are the two largest of the three international markets in which Wayfair operates, with Germany at an earlier phase in its development.

Mr Shah added that the UK is "ramping very nicely" while saying it was early days for its German business.

Total net revenue for the quarter advanced 47 percent to $1.66 billion (£1.27bn) with Wayfair booking a Q2 net loss of $100.7 million (£77.5m), which compared with a $38.9 million (£29m) deficit for the same period 12 months prior.

More than $60 million of its costs for the quarter were non-cash expenses including depreciation, amortisation and equity-based compensation. Adjusted EBITDA for the quarter widened to $34.8 million (£26.8m), up from $2.2 million (£1.7m) in Q2 2017.

Wayfair held $529.5 million (£407.2m) in cash and equivalents on its balance sheet at June 30, down from $559 million (£429.9m) at December 30, 2017.

More to follow later this week.