JOHN Lewis helpfully publishes a weekly list of its sales, with a breakdown across Home, Electricals and Fashion.

Less helpfully, it only breaks those figures down further if products sell well. If furniture goes well, John Lewis will be sure to let us know. If it doesn’t, perhaps the silence tells the story.

So how are things looking in the pre-and-post Brexit vote era? The chart below shows the Home goods sales percentage — up and down — in the ten weeks leading up to the vote, and the ten weeks since.


It’s clear that Home sales have taken a knock in the period since the vote, and that the two steep declines in July correlate with the Office for National Statistics’ assertion that furniture sales were down that month for the first time year-on-year since 2014.

But John Lewis’ Home directorate is a broad church, thought to include not just items such as furniture, but also things such as Gift Food and Haberdashery.

As we mentioned, John Lewis offers a breakdown every week of Home, Electricals and Fashion, and we have compiled a table additionally showing specific commentary on big-ticket lines where John Lewis said something extra.

That table is below.



Yesterday, opening two new distribution centres at Magna Park, md Andy Street said furniture sales were relatively robust. Looking at John Lewis’ actual figures for the past few weeks — and more specifically the big-ticket commentary — it’s clear as to why he would have expressed such a sentiment.

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