The Furniture Makers' Company has issued the clarion call for entries to its Export Award, with the deadline less than a month away.

Strong demand for British-made carpets boosted core home furnishings exports in August, according to new figures.

ONE of Britain's largest sofa manufacturers is on a list celebrating the UK's Top 200 private companies with the fastest-growing international sales.

cabinetFREIGHT rates pushed higher, but are already at historic lows, say Far East furniture stakeholders, who are more concerned about sterling devaluation

cabinetWarehousingTHE VALUE of bedroom cabinet imports into Britain climbed at its fastest rate so far this year in June as overall case goods shipments advanced.

CASE goods imports climbed in May on the back of higher shipments in the bedroom cabinet and kitchen furniture categories.

italianSofaSOFA shipments are up over 10 percent in the year to date after another double-digit uplift in May, according to new Government data.

cabinetWarehousingSHIPMENTS of bedroom furniture continue to underpin year-to-date growth in demand for case goods, though April saw improving living, dining and chairs data.

polishUpholsterySOFA shipments spiked at the start of the second quarter with April imports moving at twice the year-to-date run rate.

Case goods imports into Britain climbed in February with the growth rate in bedroom shipments outscoring the living and dining category.

Chinese furniture importsRising Chinese upholstery shipments powered a double-digit climb in sofa imports into the UK during February according to new Government data.

Carpet imports rose 8.6 per cent in December driven by higher demand for goods made in Belgium, UK customers’ largest supplier.

Chinese furniture importsRetailers headed into Christmas with fewer containers of cabinet furniture arriving at their warehouses as shipments from overseas declined.

Chinese furniture importsCabinet furniture shipments to the UK declined again at the start of the fourth quarter of 2015, with falls from key trading partners including China.

Chinese furniture importsCase goods imports declined at the end of the third quarter with demand falling across bedroom, living and dining cabinet furniture.

EUsofaManufacturingUpholstery shipments to the UK declined at the end of the third quarter with demand falling steepest from manufacturing partners in Europe.

Belgian and Dutch carpet imports fell sharply in September though there was a rise in the amount of accent flooring brought in from far-off markets.

British furniture manufacturers enjoyed strong sales to France, Ireland and the Netherlands but it wasn’t enough to make up for weak demand further afield.

Chinese furniture importsFalling demand for living, dining and bedroom cabinet merchandise offset growth in upholstery imports at the height of the summer this year.

Rising demand from core export partners in Europe drove a 9.8 per cent increase in furniture exports from the UK in the second quarter of 2015.

vietnamImportsImports climbed strongly in the second quarter of 2015 as British retailers and wholesalers bought more Polish sofas and Vietnamese dining sets.

Beds and components group Harrison Spinks was the top ranked home industry company in a list of the top 200 privately-owned UK exporters.

vietnamImportsFurniture imports rose 5.1 per cent in May thanks to demand from UK buyers for Vietnamese cabinet and Polish upholstery.

British furniture manufacturers grew exports in April thanks to strong demand from the US and gains in key European markets.

Chinese furniture importsChinese furniture imports into Britain dropped 4 per cent in April as UK retail buyers and importers bought more from other Far East nations and Europe.

Furniture manufacturers wanting to show at this autumn’s I Saloni Worldwide event in Moscow can cut costs after the BFM secured grant funding.

ukFurnitureManufacturingUK furniture exports dipped fractionally in the first quarter of 2015 despite strong demand from Ireland.

Chinese furniture importsBritain’s furniture retailers and wholesalers imported more than £220m more in the first quarter of 2015 compared with last year.

Prominent BFM members were among a host of British furniture brands to show at last month’s iSaloni series in Milan, which included a BFM stand for the first time.

Chinese furniture importsBritain went shopping in China in record numbers in January as retail buyer demand for furniture showed no sign of capsizing.

Britain imported a record amount of floorcoverings in 2014 with the total passing the landmark £800m figure.

British furniture makers grew export output by almost £68m through 2014 thanks to strong sales to markets near and far.

Chinese furniture importsChinese furniture imports into Britain grew for a fourth consecutive year in 2014 with near double-digit growth seeing the total reach record levels.

British buyers spent less on tufted and woven carpets in November, with overall imports only keeping pace with previous years thanks to Far East sourced rugs.